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Athinorama (GR)

Interview with Victoria Charalampous

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All About Jazz (US)

Song of the day

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Jazz'n'More (CH)

Album Review by Michael van Gee on Jazz'n'More:
"The result is a wonderfully arranged, wonderfully swinging music, mainly with standards from the Great American Songbook alongside some jazz classics"

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All About Jazz (US)

Song of the day

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Avgi (GR)

Interview for Greek newspaper "Avgi" by Ilan Solomon


Couleurs Jazz (FR)

Selected as The best of "La Couleurs jazz week #133.
"An album that really swings"

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Jersey Jazz Magazine (US)

Review on "Jersey Jazz" Magazine by Joe Lang:
"Chatzitsakos has provided swing arrangements with a contemporary edge that are played with verve by his band."

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Jazz-Fun.De (DE)

Feature on "Jazz-Fun.DE":
"This youth pours out from many places like a volcano of pure energy, a source of irrepressible ideas from which one can hear genuine joy."

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Babskim Uchem (PL)

Review on "Babskim Uchem" by Marta Ratajczak:
"Really, it's hard to believe that (so intriguing, beautiful, ambitious and pleasant to listen to) this album is the phonographic debut of a Greek musician."

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Keep Jazzin Radio (GR)

Interview on the radio program Keep Jazzin on ERT open by Manthos Yiourtzoglou

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Verhoovens Jazz (DE)

Feature on May albums of "Verhoovens Jazz"

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Modern Jazz (GR)

 Selected for 2022 Jazz Releases Vol III
"Nikos Chatzitsakos skillfully arranges classic jazz standards for a 12-member ensemble of young and forward-thinking soloists"

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Lifo (GR)

Featured as one of "10 new greek jazz albums"
Album review by Phontas Troussas:
"This album by Nikos Chatzitsakos has both substance and simplicity, with the result that it easily wins you over."

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Midwest Record (USA)

Review at Midwest Record:
"This is a date that's at once familiar with foreign with a load of unexpected twists and turns to keep you hopping."

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All About Jazz Top News (USA)

Feature at "All About Jazz" top news.

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Jazz Corner (USA)

News album announcement at "Jazz Corner"

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Empneusi Radio Blog (GR)

Album announcement at "Tetarto" press

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Efsyn (GR)

Interview with Demetres Kanellopoulos

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All About Jazz (US)

Video of the day

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All About Jazz (US)

Album Review by Jack Bowers on All About Jazz:
"The ensemble plays with assurance and enthusiasm, investing Chatzitsakos' charts (he arranged every number) with an ample supply of intensity. "

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All About Jazz (US)

Song of the day

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Jazz Weekly (US)

Album Review by George Harris on Jazz Weekly:
"Chatzitsakos leads into a tasty “Lined With A Groove” and lets Baden and Vega-Dowda strut through “Tenderly” while the horns give a pulsating Afro Cuban feel to “Willow Weep For Me”. Flavorful forms."

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No Treble (USA)

Two Track Video featured on "No Treble".

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Jazz Quad (RU)

Review on "Jazz Quad" by Leonid Auskern:
"Chatzitsakos in his versions enriched these melodies with quite modern jazz language, without distorting their basis"

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SkJazz.Sk (SK)

Feature video of the week on "SkJazz.Sk":

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Keep Jazzin (GR)

Review on "Keep Jazzin" by Manthos Yiourtzoglou.
"Music that takes us back to the roots of all this vast ocean called jazz, given with respect and an aesthetic approach that "seeks" the connection with the today."

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Efimerida Egaleo (GR)

Interview on newspaper "Εφημερίδα Αιγάλεω"

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Sandy Brown Jazz (UK)

Feature on "Sandy Brown Jazz"

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Diskoryxeion / Vinylmine (GR)

Album review by Phontas Troussas:
"This album by Nikos Chatzitsakos has both substance and simplicity, with the result that it easily wins you over."

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All About Jazz (USA)

Song of the day at "All About Jazz".

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Mix Grill (GR)

Album review by Dimitris Orlis:

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91.5FM Jazz and More (USA)

News feature at "91.5FM Jazz and More"

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Tetarto Press (GR)

Album announcement at "Tetarto" press

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